Prayer For My Readers

Abba Father,

I know these books would not exist without the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Thank You Jesus for sending the Holy Spirit to work in and through me to touch the lives of others and draw them to You, in order to further the Kingdom of God. All the glory and honor and thanks be to You my Abba Father. Thanks for loving us as Your children. Thanks for correcting us when we need correcting. Thanks for prying us loose from the ways of the world in Your gentle, merciful and loving way, one layer at a time. Thanks for continued guidance in all our thoughts and actions and spoken words. Thanks for reaching out to catch us each time we stumble as we learn to walk like Jesus. And Father, I pray that these books inspire every reader to draw closer to you. Bless them with a new hunger for Your word and inspire them to live the kingdom way. Open their spiritual eyes and spiritual ears so that they may all hear Your voice, draw closer to You, and fall even more head over heals in love with You! I love You Father, I love You Jesus, and I love You Holy Spirit. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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