Being an Ambassador

When you are attacked by the enemy or people he is working through, you have to make a choice about how you are going to respond. How would Father God want you to respond? Jesus lived the example life (John 14:6). We should represent Him as His ambassadors in all we do (2 Corinthians 5:20). Our response should be one of love and grace, born out of the depths of our truest identity, simply resting in God’s truth and speaking His truth with gentleness to draw them to Christ. Sometimes Holy Spirit will whisper to us to remain quiet, and rest in His peace knowing that the battle belongs to Father, and He is defending us on a spiritual level that we cannot see. To do this, you must know whom you are, and whom He is, through God’s truth revealed to your spirit. Words spoken by others do not determine who you are. Past failures, present feelings, and resistant temptations, do not determine who you are. We are who Father says we are. We were all bought by the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ. We belong to God. He calls us His children. When we surrender our lives to Jesus, and are born again, nothing can change that truth. Once we learn to rest in that knowledge, that truth, even the spears of mockery, scorn and rejection could not pierce our holy armor, given by God.

We have to stop blaming our parents, our childhood, our raising, our teachers, our government, the devil, and anything else we chose to use as an excuse for our decisions. We are each accountable for our own decisions in life. When you stand before the Righteous Judge, Jesus, it will be you and Him and the choices you made. There will be no one there to point a finger at. Every one is tempted with sin and everyone has a choice to give into the temptation and sin or turn away from sin and follow God. No one can make the decision for you. To know God and to know the price that was paid for me on that cross gives me power to say “I do not have to settle or compromise or fit in with this world to be accepted, because I’m accepted by God”, and, “I can go out against the giants of my life with boldness and confidence, or

God-fidence, because of who my Father says I am and because the work has already been done through the blood of Jesus on the cross”.

So lets, roll up our pants legs and go a little deeper in truth, shall we? God has given us the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16) and we are to walk in the spirit not the flesh (Galatians 5:16 and 5:25). We can’t do this without the right perspective, which is God’s point of view. We must take our focus off the immediate problem in front of us, and ask Father God to show us things from His point of view, revealing His truth about the problem, which becomes a much bigger picture, and effects more people than just ourselves. It involves lying down or surrendering our burden and picking up His. How do we reveal Him in our situation? We will face hurtful situations at times but we do not have to be defeated by them. Grace is the power only God can give to carry us through to victory in spite of the giants we may face in life. He is God and I am not. That truth brings levels of peace and rest that’s beyond our total comprehension. Even during times when the world seems to be falling apart around me, He is God and His promises are true. He is worthy of all praise. But take heed, there is no way to have a personal experience with God’s truth, if you do not accept it as truth. It’s your faith in the truth of His word that sets you free (John 8:32). Either God is God and His word is true, or not. How can you have a personal experience with something you have no trust in? If our God is almighty God (which He is), and His word has been given to us as a direction in life (which it has), then we must accept His word as the foundation from which our belief system operates. As long as we are operating from our own perspective (thoughts, feelings, experiences), His perspective and power are blocked from our view. Anything that does not have its foundation as the truth that God calls truth, is merely a distortion of the facts and laced with deceit, as in a fable. We have to get off the throne and let Him reign in our lives. Let Him be God and allow the Creator to be creative in your life. You have to bear your heart before Him. God knows all and is “all powerful”, but He chose to give us the ability to choose. He gave us free will. He wants us to love Him because we want to love Him, not because we have to. He is willing to risk our rejection of Him because His perfect love requires such risk. Jesus is the Word and we must seek the living Word of God, Jesus Christ, to establish a real, heart-to-heart relationship with Him. If we never told our doctor where we are hurting or never let him have a look, he could not help us. It’s the same with the Great Physician, Jesus Christ. In order for healing to occur in our souls, we must first be honest with ourselves and admit that we have a need. We must then be honest with Jesus and show Him where it hurts. And once the hurt is revealed, we must submit our souls to the One who can help us, Jesus. If spiritual surgery is required, we must submit to the surgery. If cleansing and binding a wound is required, we must submit to that. God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble (1 Peter 5:5). We must humbly learn to listen to the signals of pain and call the Physician. He came to bind up the broken hearted and by His stripes we are healed (Isaiah 53:5). Jesus did battle for us on the cross and He bore the scars from it. Thorns poked the brow of Jesus, His hands and feet pierced with nails, and His side pierced with a spear. Jesus bears the marks of His struggle against satan for the souls of sinners. His scars remind us of the healing work accomplished in and through Him. His scars inspire us to expose the scars of our own pasts as a means to help others find the same hope and healing that we have found in Jesus. I now say,“Look what Jesus has done!” My scars are evidence of His mercy & grace & love in my life (Revelation 12:11).

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